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1. The analysis carried out by each partner upon the legal framework, methodologies and services existing
in every partner country with regards to the inclusion of disabled people in education, training, labour market and social life;


2. The establishment of local networks among public and private entities involved in the integration
process of disabled people and the realisation of three round tables in each partner country;


3. The realisation of three short-term training events for staff in Madrid, Vicenza and Wroclaw with the aim of exchanging experiences among partners, comparing different inclusion systems and developing ideas and solutions;

4. The production of an e-book which will gather good practices;

5. The implementation of local dissemination events in every partner country.

The methodology that we will use is based on the exchange of experiences among partner organisations with the aim of transferring good practices in their daily-working activities.
Through this project we expect to reach the following results and impacts:


1. Established or reinforced cooperation among European organisations through the exchange of


2. Developed local partnerships among learning institutions, businesses and intermediary bodies;

3. Raised awareness among local entities and stakeholders on social inclusion, non-discrimination, access to disadvantaged;

4. Fostered the access to VET mobility opportunities for youngsters with special needs and eased their transition to the labour market, as well as their social integration.

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