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We are an English Language school based in Donegal. We have been promoting international mobilities since 1997 in the North of Ireland. We support international partners in the delivering of EU projects and students in their professional and personal development.

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AFORMAC is a non  profit VET organization, specialist in lifelong learning and vocational education, member of the French Vocational Education Federation. For over thirty years, AFORMAC has been supporting various target groups towards lifelong vocational education or career change. AFORMAC provides qualifying and certifying training in the hospitality  catering, sanitary and social, animation, tertiary, commercial and digital sectors.



FORTES Impresa Sociale SRL is a non-profit company based in Vicenza (Italy) whose purpose is to design and coordinate guidance, education and training projects for individuals, schools, local authorities and companies. FORTES implements activities to promote social integration and a better cultural and economic life of people. 

The main target groups towards which the action of FORTES is addressed are: young unemployed, NEET youngsters, and students of secondary schools, post-diploma courses and universities who want to fulfill an internship abroad; and foreign students, teachers and professionals who want to gain work experience and study in Vicenza.



INNOGROWTH - European Association for Innovation and Growth is a Bulgarian registered non-profit association. Our primary mission is to promote innovation and to be the bridge between researchers, policy makers, business and civil society. We operate as a business network, act as a gathering point and offer enterprises a full range of services to facilitate market intelligence and to stimulate innovation. INNOGROWTH supports the EU’s objectives of creating sustainable economic growth and jobs by enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their best ideas into products and services.



Association Institute Perspectives is an educational organization dedicated to the
implementation of European integration policies in the Republic of Bulgaria by developing, testing and implementing innovative methods and approaches in the field of social entrepreneurship, intercultural and human rights, non-formal education and the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage. The organization was founded by University students and was formally set up in
2012, undergoing three development stages.



We are an international mobility and training agency located in Prague.

Qualo promotes mobility for public and private institutions within and
outside the EU, contributing to improve linguistic, professional and
personal skills of young people who are seeking their first work experience.
Qualo strongly believes in the importance of strengthening international
relationships. It is our mission to promote bilateral mobility agreements
between countries, by arranging study and internship programs.



Fundación Montemadrid is a private non-profit organization that works in favor of inclusion and equal opportunities, promotes participatory citizenship with access to education, employment and culture and favors the conservation of the environment. Much of this work is possible thanks to our Monte de Piedad, which for more than 300 years has provided low-interest credit to people of any social condition.

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Semper Avanti is a youth organisation based in Wrocław, Poland. The association was established in 2001 and has since then grown to become a big, innovative and dynamic NGO. The organisation's actions are focused on 3 main areas.

- "Youth on the labor market" - focuses on preparing young people to take up the challenge of finding their first job and gaining professional experience.

- "Youth in Democracy" - where the organization teaches young people how to understand democracy and how to function in it.

- "Youth and tolerance" - The aim is to promote tolerance, openness, European integration, international cooperation and cultural diversity.

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